The Screenfridge

In 1992 Dr Edwin Turner (no that's not him), ICL Distinguished Fellow, realised that (in those days!) the kitchen was the one place in the house where all the family interacted.

So he came up with the idea of the Internet Screenfridge.

The "fridge" was to form the central piece of ICL Retail System's "Future Focus" programme and become the most famous part of the company's innovative "Interactive Retailing" concept. For several years this formed the basis of the company's strategy and saw it established as a thought leader in the world of retailing - across the globe.

Such was the power of the fridge that it made headline UK news and went on to be featured in Epcot in Florida and wowed the audience in an appearance on the Oprah Whinfrey show.

It was a product of it's age - times are very different today!